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Mother Dorothy Walden

Evangelist Dorothy Walden is the wife of Bishop Mark Walden, Prelate of the Northern Georgia Second Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ. This union is blessed to have nine children, twenty-five grandchildren (one deceased) and six great grandchildren.


She gave her life to the Lord on February 28, 1960 and she has been a faithful servant to God and the work that he has for her for fifty-five years.


Evangelist Walden is a woman who wears many hats and has served in many capacities of the church. She is often called Mother, Evangelist, Missionary, Prophetess, Sister and MOM! She is the Elect Lady of the House of God Church of God In Christ where her husband pastors and at her local church she currently serves as the Adult Sunday School Teacher, Overseer of the Music Department and President of the Women’s Department.


She is often called a “song bird”, because she always has a song ringing in her heart to share with lost souls to cast a “God’s Spell” on them to encourage them to give their lives to Christ.


Many described Evangelist Walden as a people’s person. Her ministry has blessed men and women down through the years. She has a yearning to help hurting men and women, confused adolescents and those who feel like they’re at the end of their rope. She is a woman of patience and she listens to the cries and concerns of the saints.


Evangelist Walden is a self-published author and has produced two books with inspiration given from an angel’s visit. She is the author of

God’s Ultimate Call for Spiritual Readiness and From Midnight to Morning: The Story Behind the Glory. She is a member of the Christian Writer’s Network and is currently working on her third book.


Mother Walden’s summation of herself is “I love God, I love people and I just love to be used by God.” 

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